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Posted May 25, 2021 in Running

Great news for all of our runners: The 2021 NYC Marathon is happening this year! After this past year of COVID-19 and the cancellation of the 2020 Marathon, this feels really emotionally significant after everything we endured as a city.

Since the initial lockdown associated with COVID-19 and the “Work from home” and “Stay at home” directives that followed, many New Yorkers have become far more sedentary than their usual selves. In our practice, we’re seeing lots of new injuries associated with immobility and a general lack of activity. Of late, as the city has been opening back up, we’re seeing lots of remobilization injuries. Folks who have been relatively more sedentary over the past year are suddenly deciding to resume higher impact/higher-level activities but without easing their way back into these activities. With the deconditioning associated with a more sedentary lifestyle this past year, lots of folks are getting injured by simply trying to do the things they once used to regularly do. This is most true in our runners, many of whom have been inconsistent with their running over the winter months.

While its true that most Marathon-training programs don’t have you start training until June or July (and many seasoned runners sometimes push it out further than that for the NYC Marathon) I’m begging you to not wait on getting yourself on a program now. It’s imperative to identify any issues, work on them, and ease your way back to running before you start training. If you are experiencing pain of any sort in your feet/ankles when you start getting back into running, now is the time to get this checked, not when you’re three months into training. It breaks my heart each year when folks come in to see me in September and October with injuries that started in June and July but they just kept running through the pain, hoping it would go away. Please don’t do this! If you’re having issues, get yourself checked out ASAP so we can help address any issues up front and get them resolved. That way, you can start training and stay the course all the way through the Marathon, and beyond!

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