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Custom-Molded Foot Inserts

Unlike the over-the-counter shoe inserts that many people buy, orthotics are custom-molded foot inserts that are designed for the specific needs of your right and left foot, respectively. There are many reasons someone might need to wear an orthotic. Whether is it to treat heel pain, plantar fasciitis, neuromas, hammertoes, bunions, or tailor’s bunions, there are specific modifications made to each orthotic that are intended to bring your feet into a more normal and functioning position.


Many chiropractors, physical therapists, and orthopedists refer their patients to us for custom molded orthotics as they can often help tremendously with low back pain. As orthotics restore the normal anatomic functional alignment of your feet, the changes in your base of support translated up the body, putting the ankle, knee, hip, low back, and spine into their more normal functioning positions as well.

Orthotics are also very helpful in non-surgically correcting congenital deformities in children. Adjusting orthotics and making modifications in them over time as children mature and grow is a very effective way of restoring normal anatomy in mild to moderate cases of such things as flatfoot, in-toeing, or out-toeing. Our doctors are experts in podopediatrics and have excellent success in non-surgically correcting such inheriting conditions.

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