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Our Values

VIP Care

Dr. Ethen Ciment

Dr. Ethan Ciment

At Chelsea Foot and Ankle, you get concierge podiatry care without the concierge practice fees.

Here at Chelsea Foot and Ankle, every patient is a VIP. Whether you’re coming in for major surgery, a sports injury, or a dermatologic issue like a wart or an ingrown toenail, you are a valued patient of our practice. We practice podiatric medicine and surgery in a way that aligns our actions with our values. Because we value you as a person, we respect you.

We respect your time.

In our 17 years of practice, we have never overbooked our doctors’ schedules and we always see our patients on time. Not overbooking our schedules also allows our patients plenty of time so that their appointments are never rushed.

We respect your wallet.

In an ever-changing healthcare environment where costs are always going up, we are being the change we want to see in the healthcare system. We offer competitively low pricing for uninsured and self-paying patients, and we are always open to working with our patients on payment plans that work for them. For patients with insurance, we always work to get paid by your insurance plan first before ever sending you a bill.

We respect your autonomy.

While it is the responsibility of our doctors to give you a comprehensive list of treatment options for your issues of concern, we never push treatment on our patients. You are the only person living in your body and we believe that if you have all the information about the conditions for which you seek care, you can decide what is best for you. Our doctors are here to support you in your process of healing and on your journey to wellness. We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all medicine, because we’re all individuals.

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