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Read What Past And Present Patients Are Saying About Chelsea Foot And Ankle

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★★★★★ 5 out of 5 stars

I sought a second opinion for a persistent foot issue and was referred by my Primary Care Physician to Dr. Ciment for a consultation.

From my first contact with the office, Michael, Practice Manager, handled everything smoothly. He clarified my insurance coverage and associated costs, then scheduled my visit and followed-up via email and phone to confirm the appointment. He manages a well-run, efficient and organized office.

I provided Dr. Ciment with my treatment history and imaging reports which made our initial consultation thorough, lasting a full hour. In my experience, it’s rare to find a doctor who invests that much time in discussing your health. Dr. Ciment not only listened to all my concerns, but also took a holistic approach to my health. He then clearly outlined the next steps in our plan, making me feel genuinely valued as a whole person, rather than just a set of symptoms.

I enthusiastically recommend Dr. Ciment and his team without reservation. They have surpassed my expectations, and frankly, I set the bar high.

K.F. 4/11/2024

★★★★★ 5 out of 5 stars

Dr. Ciment is not only a brilliant and talented surgeon, he’s also thoughtful, kind and makes you feel at ease. My right foot surgery was a huge success and I will be heading in to do my left foot within the next few weeks.

A.A. 11/23/2022

★★★★★ 5 out of 5 stars

Incredible experience with Dr. Ciment.

A.B. 10/05/2022

★★★★★ 5 out of 5 stars

Dr Ciment is really warm and compassionate, easy to talk to and obviously super smart and attentive to detail

J.E. 11/03/2021

★★★★★ 5 out of 5 stars

I love Dr. Ciment and his conservative approach to care. I had a ganglion cyst on my ankle and we decided to see if it would go away but pain persisted. I had my cyst drained and feel so much better. I have been seeing him for years for other foot and ankle issues. Always happy to answer any and all questions. I highly recommend Dr. Ciment. Extremely clean office and friendly staff. And he values MY time…I have never had to wait more than a couple of minutes if any. I wish ALL doctors could be so timely and considerate.

S.T. 10/28/2021

★★★★★ 5 out of 5 stars

Loved Dr Shastri and her practice. She was a great doctor. Warm and welcoming and was a great communicator. Helped diagnose my situation and recommended a plan . I truly appreciate her compassion and support as a caregiver.

March 15, 2023 P.S.

★★★★★ 5 out of 5 stars

Dr. Shastri diagnosed the issue with my heel pain very quickly and gave me tangible advice/exercises to address it over the next few weeks. She was very personable and made me feel totally comfortable.

June 24, 2022 Initials hidden

★★★★★ 5 out of 5 stars

Dr. Shastri was kind, attentive, and thorough. She took the time to fully explain the injury to my foot and how to care for it. I barely waited in the waiting room and within 30 minutes of arrival I’d been seen, x-rayed, had a brace put on, and scheduled my follow up appointment.

Less than 1 year ago Initials hidden

★★★★★ 5 out of 5 stars

Dr Shastri is a very professional thorough and compassionate. She is very friendly and easy to talk to and takes the time to explain the issue and recommendations for treatment.

May 4, 2022 C.G.

★★★★★ 5 out of 5 stars

Dr. Shastri is a great doctor! She’s very kind, a great listener and has lots of patience.. she doesn’t rush – instead she takes her time. You can tell she genuinely cares. I highly recommend her!

April 21, 2022 C.W.

★★★★★ 5 out of 5 stars

Dr. Shastri is a wonderful doctor. Patient, empathetic and kind, she also explains things well. I’m looking forward to helping my feet to be in better shape, thanks to her guidance.

February 4, 2022 N.P.

★★★★★ 5 out of 5 stars

I’m a new patient & have seen Dr. Shastri twice for a sprained ankle. I’ve been very pleased. She is attentive, patient, kind, gentle. A doctor who actually listens & doesn’t hurry you out. I also appreciate that this practice does X-rays in-house, in fact right in the exam room. I recommend!

November 16, 2021 Initials hidden

★★★★★ 5 out of 5 stars

Ran a 5K personal record and a fast half marathon because I started knowing what the underlying cause of my Achilles tendinopathy was, which was Haglund’s deformity. The doctor said no surgery was needed. In fact, he was right. It just got better as I followed his advice and rehabbed it before beginning to train.

M T, New York, NY

★★★★★ 5 out of 5 stars

Dr Ciment and his staff are wonderful! Dr Ciment is extremely knowledgeable and his bedside manner is excellent. He is treating my issue quickly and successfully. One of the best Doctors I have ever experienced.

A K., New York, NY

★★★★★ 5 out of 5 stars

I just visited Dr. Ciment again after discovering his practice last year. Dr. Ciment and his office manager Michael are both personable and consummately professional. I felt very well taken care of throughout the process. Michael helped me with scheduling appointments, checking my insurance to see if orthotics are covered, and making sure I had the proper receipts and documents for my FSA. Dr. Ciment is amazing – he explains his entire process in layman’s terms, which left me feeling well informed. He offers an awesome package deal that includes an initial consultation, a fitting, and a follow-up visit. I’ve just been fitted for another pair of orthotics, and Dr. Ciment offered to refresh/spruce up my previous pair at no extra charge. With my current orthotics, I ran in my first 5k this year in about 2 decades and I consistently take a 2-hour cardio dance class on weekends. I experience little to no pain, and I’m able to be more active now than I was before I found Dr. Ciment. To top it off, the waiting room and the doctor’s office are comfortable and lovely (not clinical), and they don’t overbook and keep you waiting. I cannot recommend this practice enough! A+++++!

D H., New York, NY

★★★★★ 5 out of 5 stars

I cannot speak highly enough about Dr. Ciment. He was so incredibly warm and friendly. He made me feel like everything was going to be ok, and it WAS! The pain I felt in my toe has been excruciating and I thought it was something I just had to deal with. Thank goodness I was referred to Dr. Ciment b/c I am no longer in any pain at all! He was amazing at explaining what I would be going through post surgery, what to expect, and was very patient with all of my ridiculous questions. I cannot thank him enough! Also, Michael on the team was just a dream to work with. So accommodating and understanding, and SUPER helpful!!! Thank you both so much!

J N., New York, NY

★★★★★ 5 out of 5 stars

Ethan Ciment is a Dr. who really is passionate about his work. Not something that you see very much these days! Any time I have ever seen him or spoken to him about a concern, his explanations are thorough, detailed and compassionate. He has been able to diagnose quickly and offer solutions that immediately address the issue. Dr. Ciment’s office is professional and efficient and I appreciate that these days as well. I have recommended many friends to this office and I will continue to do so. Thanks Chelsea Foot and Ankle!!

G H., Manhattan, NY

★★★★★ 5 out of 5 stars

Amazing place. Dr. Ciment has seen my daughter and now me. The amount of time that he spent with my 11 year old, getting to know her as a patient, thoroughly explaining her condition to both of us, recommending the best PT, AND talking to her school nurse and phys-ed teacher about what she was allowed and not allowed to do in school. I said amazing already, but seriously, the level of care is far and beyond great! Pretty much one of the best MDs in NYC.

J R., New York, NY

★★★★★ 5 out of 5 stars

After a failed bunion surgery in 2011 I ended up losing all the cartilage in my big toe joint and tearing a ligament in my second toe. I ran through the pain for years until I tore a ligament in my second toe and I physically could not run anymore. My prior physician told me I was fine and that these were unrelated inuries.

After 6 months of conservative treatment and 5 separate consults from reputable orthopedic surgeons and podiatric surgeons in NYC (e.g., Hospital for Special Surgery and other UES private practices), I met with Dr. Ciment.

He is hands down the most thorough and honest doctor that I have met in all of NYC. He educated me on the mechanics of the foot and helped me determine the best way to get back to a healthy, active routine that includes running long distances. He’s not only extremely skilled, knowledgeable, and personable–he sincerely cares about helping his patients live out their full potential.

I would recommend Dr. Ciment to anyone with foot/ankle issues. He literally saved my foot and thanks to him I’ll be running the NYC marathon this year.

C M., Manhattan, NY

★★★★★ 5 out of 5 stars

Dr. Ciment is everything I look for in a doctor. He listened to me, explained everything clearly, asked about other things I didn’t even know were related, did a minor procedure, and on top of all that referred me to a dermatologist who is far better than the ones I had found on my own. Plus, Michael at the front desk is a doll!

P H., Manhattan, NY

★★★★★ 5 out of 5 stars

From my first interaction with Michael in the office to my appointment with Dr. C, 10 stars!

G H., New York, NY

★★★★★ 5 out of 5 stars


V H., Manhattan, NY

★★★★★ 5 out of 5 stars

First rate experience at every stage. Highly recommended!

D., Manhattan, NY

★★★★★ 5 out of 5 stars

Love this place – they are superb at taking care of my feet! 🙂

R A., New York, NY

★★★★★ 5 out of 5 stars

As someone that suffers from chronic pain due to Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, I am so grateful to have Dr Ciment in my corner. The orthotics have been the most impactful thing i have done in improving daily pain and functioning. Dr C is kind, caring and empathetic.

N A., Manhattan, NY

★★★★★ 5 out of 5 stars

An absolutely amazing experience. Dr. Ciment is an absolutely wonderful person – it is very evident that he truly cares about his patients.  Each time I go in it feels like I am catching up with a friend.  But most importantly, Dr. Ciment is EXTREMELY knowledgeable.  He also has a very strong sense of integrity – he has not recommended any more than is required and takes a very conservative approach to treatment which I really appreciate.  I will definitely continue to see him in the future.

S T., Manhattan, NY

★★★★★ 5 out of 5 stars

I really, really like Dr. Ciment.  He is a skilled surgeon with a really wonderful bedside manner — something you rarely find.

He treated me a few years ago when I had a broken foot, and then again in Sept 2014 for surgery on the other foot. While surgery is never fun, Dr. Ciment made it pretty easy.  He really helped me understand my procedure, patiently answering all my questions (including really important ones like: “will I wear high heels again?”), and put my fears at ease. It has been just over 2 weeks since I had my surgery.  I have had almost no pain, minimal swelling, and am on the road to what will hopefully be a speedy recovery.

Michael, the office manager, is also terrific. He always greets you with a smile and has been very helpful throughout the process.

I also should mention, that unlike other specialists, this office doesn’t overbook, forcing you to wait for an hour before seeing the doctor.

K B., New York NY

★★★★★ 5 out of 5 stars

Dr. Ciment treated my broken foot and helped me avoid surgery by treating the patient as well as the injury. He explained in intelligent detail my injury and what would delay and encourage healing. With a pretty nasty break, I was back in action after several weeks. I would send family and friends to Dr. Ciment without hesitation.

M T., Maplewood, NJ

★★★★★ 5 out of 5 stars

I highly recommend Dr. Ciment. He is terrific: thorough, experienced, smart, generous with his time and extremely knowledgable – a true expert in his field. The fact that he is also very caring and kind and goodhearted and funny is a terrific plus!!

I was referred to Dr. Ciment for a running and indoor rebounder injury to my left foot. Having never been to a podiatrist I had no idea what to expect. Upon my arrival he took a full history as he wanted to make sure there were no hidden issues plaguing me. As his office is complete with state-of-the-art equipment (and perhaps the most comfortable chair in the business), he was able to x-ray me on-site  –  the convenience of which was a complete life saver. He diagnosed and explained the issue and created a treatment plan. He then followed up with a phone call and email, which was a wonderful surprise and a rarity for doctors these days. I have since returned with another issue in my other foot that he was immediately able to accurately diagnose and for which, he referred me to a fabulous (!) physical therapist.

*Seeing Dr. Ciment has changed the course of my life. I know that sounds over-the-top, but it’s really true. He has generously referred me on to other fantastic healthcare professionals who have helped me immeasurably with issues I thought were untreatable. And he’s done this with nothing in it for himself, except the knowledge and satisfaction that he’s helping his patient. And for the first time in almost two years I’m feeling better and stronger – all because of Dr. Ciment’s interest and dedication and kindness.

Dr. Ciment’s office manager Michael is also wonderful. He too is kind and sweet and very professional. No question is too small – no request, too big. They are a wonderful team!

I have since happily referred friends and colleagues to Dr. Ciment and Michael – and will continue to do so as they are gems!

N D., Manhattan, NY

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